Core Processes in Bittunes 2.0

A self publishing platform.. (but nothing like Soundcloud etc.. this is different)

The information below describes in more detail the features & processes being developed for Bittunes 2.0. One of our main goals has been to keep the systems and components as simple as possible, and to remove all unnecessary dependencies on outdated music industry rules and regulations.
A) Track uploaded, analyzed, digital fingerprint created

An Artist or Independent Label uploads their track/s to Bittunes, the files are automatically checked to see if they contain any identifying information from other external services (MusicBrainz / AcoustID). Various controls are put in place at this stage to prevent fraudulent uploads of other people’s music. A digital fingerprint of the file is created and metadata stored in preparation for Blockchain registration.

B) Permission to trade validated using Creative Commons License

The default Creative Commons rights license (Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs CC BY-NC-ND) is the primary componentĀ  that is needed to certify ownership of the audio file. The ‘permission to trade’ the file/s must be asserted by the content creator to extend the provisions of this license to allow the trading of the uploaded music tracks on the Bittunes platform, in accordance with the legal provisions of Creative Commons.

C) Registration of Music files into a dedicated Sidechain

A universal unique identifier for each audio file is embedded in a dedicated Sidechain to the Bitcoin Blockchain, and also in the Google Cloud and inĀ  AcoustID. This process will maintain an immutable record of song ownership in a secure and stable way, with the other services, (Google Cloud and AcoustID) indexing that Blockchain record while providing an independent ‘look up’ register.

D) Unique blockchain IDs embedded in all audio files

Bittunes will reference this Blockchain ID in all audio files in the system so that the ownership information is completely accessible and can be verified easily, both within Bittunes, and externally, so that Blockchain registration is not remote and hidden, but in constant use by Bittunes to help provide integrity across the system. (NOTE: All existing Bittunes tracks will be registered in the Bitcoin Blockchain at no cost, when Bittunes 2.0 launches there will be a small fee for Blockchain registration of all music tracks.

E) Variable transaction splits for Indie Labels and Bands

Currently the Bittunes Android app applies a uniform (fixed) ratio for the division of earnings between Artists and Buyers. There have been many benefits of this ‘one size fits all’ approach, however, Bittunes 2.0 will introduce full support for variable transaction ratios to enable participation from Indie Labels, and proportional splits for different band members, delivering flexible earnings ratios instantly, at the moment of purchase, to each authorized external wallet.

F) Push to the Network

When the processes outlined above are complete, the uploaded tracks represent ‘intelligent musical units in a smart network’. This system does not require Ethereum style ‘Smart Contracts’ to enforce complex multi-party rights agreements with multiple conditions. It is designed to meet the needs of Independent Artists and smaller Labels and also to involve and include music fans and buyers in a new kind of commercial process for global music distribution, in cooperation with these Artists and Labels. NOTE: The initial output of music from this system will use WebRTC streaming technology which streams a file ‘point to point’ which cannot be downloaded. The downloading of song files is easily facilitated by purchasing a track, and earnings will flow to song creators and previous buyers of each track based on the Bittunes music trading system.

Some songs in Bittunes will be allowed to be downloaded for free, at the discretion of the song creator, (rights holder). For more information on this other Bittunes innovation see the ‘Social Songs‘ page.

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