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The Code Room

Hi, I’m Marcelo Barbosa, Bittunes CTO
Senior Software Engineer


  • Google, Brazil
  • NeoNetworks,  Sydney
  • Fedora, USA

I have worked in many different companies in my career, but Bittunes is a completely new experience for me. I have always been very interested in music and I remember the success of many innovative services like Napster, Limewire and Winamp. Now finally I can be part of a incredible new innovation in the music market, so I am very excited. On this page I try to give an overview of what we are doing, and explain our approach from my point of view.

Mixing the innovation with the best web technologies

One of the things I love about this project is that it has some very new innovative components in it, like Blockchain and a different approach to audio fingerprinting. (I worked on some DRM type fingerprinting solutions back in Brazil so I am already familiar with this). However, because I also have good experience from working at Google, I am interested to integrate as much as possible with the powerful things Google can offer.


Broad integration will be a key focus

I am a big believer in Google’s ‘Progressive Web Apps’ system. It offers many advantages over both traditional website approach and also native Android and iOS Apps. This technology is also very suited to content distribution and giving the user a very good experience. So, also, because I have experience working at Google and I am familiar with Search, SEO and Youtube integration, we will create a highly integrated presence for Bittunes across all of their systems.



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